As a result of temperature distribution in house is uniform, it will not affect the uniformity of the crop population growth. We installed a number of sensors in greenhouse together with air temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature, radiation (or mild depth), crop digicam platform with synchronization images, which composed the sensing layer of IOT. At the same time, the applying platform triggers intelligent swap through SMS to begin the heating equipment, CEH v11 PDF and then prevents the crop from low-temperature catastrophe. This examine effectively solved the low-temperature catastrophe monitoring and early warning problem in Tianjin. Most functions focus on services modern greenhouse surroundings monitoring and regulation, product traceability, and pest distant diagnostics. Because most greenhouses share a few buildings, after we make a low temperature disaster warning in the direction of one type’s structure, it may be sent to the greenhouse manager group who owned identical type greenhouse construction. We developed professional weather service web site for actual-time data and image display, microclimate information evaluation and catastrophe warning within the greenhouse. Using Internet of Things and cloud computing know-how, it helped users to accumulate relevant information by simple receiving terminal that could be used for catastrophe prevention.