A good clean sofa set is a good furnishing for the living room and provides its users with unsurpassed comfort. However, sofas need to be professionally cleaned regularly to maintain their comfort and beauty. It not only prolongs the life of the sofa but also makes it a healthier place to be without dirt and germs.

1. heat extraction with steam

Steam extraction removes dust and all other unhealthy particles from the surface of the sofa with high-temperature steam. In this method, excess moisture is removed along with dirt and dust, so there is no wet or damp after effect. As a result, the fabric shrinks much less and the entire sofa can be cleaned in just a few hours. This method is also financially cheaper compared to other methods and ensures the best possible cleaning. Visit also: Sofa cleaning in Quakers hill

2. carbonization

Carbonization cleaning simulates natural cleaning by Mother Nature and ensures that the sofa is left in a freshly purchased condition. The entire cleaning process takes only 4 to 6 hours. Only a small amount of carbonating cleaning solutions with a bubbling effect is used, which is only a tenth of what is needed in steam cleaning. Less water is also required. Millions of carbonic acid bubbles are so small that they penetrate the fibers and remove dirt and grime. They then lift them to the surface, where they can be easily wiped away. Not only that, they leave a protective barrier on the surface that minimizes the future accumulation of dirt and debris.

3. clean by chemical

Chemically safe products are used that are suitable for all types of textiles including leather. A unique dry shampoo encapsulation method is used that effectively removes dirt and embedded particles, and minimal drying time is required. After cleaning the sofa, you can sit down almost immediately.

4. clean by foam

A foam solution is applied by hand to the sofa, worked onto the stains, and left to work for a short time. The area is then vacuumed and the result is a clean and fresh-smelling sofa. Since the amount of foam can be controlled by the user, there is less risk of moisture damage and is often chosen by consumers.

5. dry

This is a similar method to foam cleaning, but no water is used. A dry cleaning powder is sprinkled on the fabric and worked onto the stain. After that, the powder is absorbed, and the result is a clean sofa. Since this cleaning method does not use water, it can also be applied to wooden materials, and there is no need to wait for drying.

There are now many different methods on the market, and consumers are spoiled for choice. Depending on the budget and the urgency of cleaning, they can choose the desired method and use their beloved sofa even longer.

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