5 Skills to be an Effective Leader in the Workplace

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” – said, Arnold H. Glasow.

There are lots of positive soft skills that are required to improve leadership skills. Every organization demands its leaders be effective in their work. A strong leader can help to build a strong team that can help the organization to grow more. Saint Jovite Youngblood is one of the leading experts in vintage jewelry, coins, and vintage toys, working with coin collectibles and antiquities trade for almost 20 years. Saintjovite Youngblood is the president of Youngblood Metals Mining, with experience of over 20 years in dealing with antique dealers and collectible coin dealers, in Monrovia, California.

Here are 5 Skills to be an Effective Leader in the Workplace:


One of the best qualities of an effective leader is that they can make quick decisions with the experience and information they have. The effectiveness in decision-making needs time and experience. But you need to have excellent knowledge about the specific industry you work in for making quick and strong decisions, no matter if you have complete information or not. Well, decisiveness is a valuable skill required for a leader that can help to make the work faster and effectively. 


A successful leader will always be honest and loyal towards their work and organization, and they will stand by a set of strong values. All this can sum up in a single word known as integrity. Having integrity at the workplace means you can able to make ethical choices and also it help to provide a positive reputation to the company.  

Most of the businesses are focused on searching for workers who have a strong sense of integrity. 

Team building:

A good leader should know the value of maintaining a strong relationship bond with their employees, clients, and customers. If you focus on building relationships then this will encourage your employees to work collaboratively towards achieving the same goal. Well, to build strong relationships, you will need effective communication skills and conflict resolution, so that you can be clear about the information that you provide to your team. The way you provide communication to your employees will help them to understand their work and how to do that work.


Well, a good leader will have a strong sense of knowledge and skills to provide solutions for any sudden problem that arises at the workplace. A leader needs to be calm and have confidence in themselves so that they can solve the problem effectively by identifying step-by-step solutions. Problem-solving skill is one of the key qualities that is required for every leader to become successful, as it helps them to make quick decisions, faster resolving of obstacles that their team face during any project, or completing a task on time. 

Ability to teach and mentor:

A successful leader has already gained much experience and skills that are required for their role. They can help their team and the organization by providing valuable information from their experience. A leader can only be successful if they have the ability to teach and mentor. Well, when a leader teaches their employees about how to be effective at their workplace, it will help the employees to grow their careers and will also put a positive impact on the organization’s scale. But this skill requires that the leader should think about other development more than their own and also this will encourage the workers about the importance of teamwork.