5 Technique to create more value customer

A pile of articles on how to “bring new customers” and thousands of lead generation suggestions create the illusion that chasing new customers is the most valuable thing marketing can give a business. But when markets are saturated, it becomes more and more difficult to attract new customers. Why spend all your resources on attracting new ones when it’s easier to sell more to the old ones? This is especially true for businesses where the cost of attracting a customer is not discouraged from the first purchase and the ability to retain customers is not just useful, but necessary. Let’s talk about how to create more valuable customers.

Remind About Yourself:

Many businesses behave with regular customers according to the principle: “Come when you remember about us.” This would be justified if there were queues for them, but, forgetting about old customers, they continue to throw out money to attract new ones. The idea of ​​reminding yourself does not look intrusive if the service is in demand by the client. Consultancy firms like McKinsey & Company, and Bain & Company, heavily recommend this technique.

Be open:

Openness always plays in favor of business. Expanding your target audience and increasing sales is only possible if you manage to inspire confidence in your customers. Tell us about yourself, post in free access information that may interest clients (documents, photographs, completed projects, etc.). To do this, you can set aside a separate page, for example, “About the company” or “About us”.

Use feedback:

Positive reviews are the best advertisement for attracting customers. Users are more likely to leave negative feedback, for example, in the case of late delivery, defective goods, etc. They cannot be ignored, the current conflict situation with the client must be resolved so that he is ultimately satisfied. You need to understand that customers leave good reviews much less often. Your job is to encourage buyers to leave such reviews. There are companies that pay money for unpacking the goods, others give discounts or bonuses for the next purchases. Customer reviews with photographs are considered the most effective. Bloombergsen is an example of an organization that works towards creating more value for customers. Bloombergsen approach to using feedback and customer response service is one of the best in the business.

Don’t complicate:

Here we are talking about how the texts and articles for the site are written. Don’t use a scientific or technical style to write your article (unless your industry requires it). Write simply, with soul. Address the reader, avoid complex phrases, clericalisms, and phrases. If the user gets the impression that the text is addressed to him, he is more willing to place an order and become your client.

Don’t leave a client in trouble:

As wonderful as the product is, sooner or later something will go wrong. The question is how the company will react – help the client solve the problem or pretend that the clients’ problems are not its problems.

Recently, stories have been popular when banks block customer accounts and do not provide clear explanations. The client comes with a complaint on social networks or VC, after which a lot of people find out about the bank’s behavior and decide not to deal with him. But even if such high-profile cases are not taken into account, companies should consider how to come to the client’s aid and reduce negativity when a problem arises.