Nobody loves redundant items in their space, but the needful and worthwhile items. However with time, even the most sorted and cleanest of spaces in our homes becomes messy and we fail to realize when we accumulated all this trash! Well, this is a common story and nearly everyone deals with this kind of struggle! If you too are dealing with a similar dilemma, and have a lot to work out, and de-cluttering being one of them, you must ensure to book the professionals of Agarwal Packers, so the rest of the packing and moving tasks are taken care of by them!

To add a bit of direction to your sorting and de-cluttering task, and to ensure it all happens effortlessly, here we have shared a few tips on how you can carry out the whole purging task. Just refer to these tips and achieve a spring clean space before the move.

• Come up with a brilliant strategy – If you think de-cluttering only consumes time, you must also know that it also gives great results if you know the strategy. If you have a sorting plan for de-cluttering your space, you can do it in a more organized manner. That way, you will know which sections should be tackled first, which spaces are the most complicated and would require the most amounts of time, etc., etc. A great tip to consider at this point is to keep aside some time for your segregation task and tackle one or two spaces every day.

• Evaluate things, decide what’s next – There will be a range of goods that you will come across when you will evaluate your space. There are furniture, appliances, electronic items, bedding, clothing, kitchenware, specialty items, artwork, storage items, and what not! So, as soon as you come up with a great plan, start sorting out your belongings carefully. The scenario of your household would appear overwhelming at that point but as you start sorting stuff, removing the extras and unnecessary items from your space, you will get the actual picture of that you need to move. Now decide what to keep.

• Take note of certain things when confused – Most of the time, when you are engrossed in your sorting task, you will find yourself in a tussle – as to what to keep, what not to keep, what to donate, what to sell out, what to discard, what to give away, etc., etc. So, breathe easy, do not mess up things unnecessarily. Recall when you brought that item (you are clueless about) in use? Did you use it in recent times? Will you need that in your new home? Ask yourself these questions for everything you come across and then decide.

• Re-establish few more facts – Though by now, you will be aware of how to conduct the de-cluttering task and which aspects to be looked over again, here we have shared some ideas that will help you to decide sensibly – “Ask yourself and determine – Which clothes do not fit you anymore? Which electronic items are there but are simply not in use? If you have spares of items, keep one, discard the other one. Kitchen items that out damaged or worn out should be thrown out, and for items that are simply not serving you any purpose, apart from enhancing the aesthetics of your set-up, should never be packed, neither by you nor by the professionals of Agarwal Packers and Movers.

• Employ sorted objects to earn – Now that you have a few piles in front of you after you have sorted your belongings – the ‘donation pile’, the ‘to-be-sold’ pile, and the ‘trash pile’, it will be easier for you to decide what to do with the ‘sale’ pile. The other pile of donations would be dealt with after we are done with the ‘sale’ pile. So, for selling out the pile, make sure to organize a backyard sale. Keep the rates nominal so you can have customers who would not mind purchasing them and you will have decent money generated ahead of the move.

• Check out other selling ways too – Apart from the garage sale, you can even sell your stuff at several popular online marketplaces. That way, you will have a larger audience as people from your social networks would reach out to you if they want to purchase at a low rate. But, make sure you organize and plan out all these events and projects much ahead of your move, so you have ample time to analyse whether the sale is reaping benefits or not. Also, see if the items you have put out for sale are in workable and usable condition.

• Contribute to society; donate – When your ‘sale’ pile is dealt with and you have gathered enough money to pay for the moving expenses, to say the least, tackle the remaining ‘donation’ pile as well and lift some burden off your shoulders. For donating, you can either visit your nearest charity or donation center or drive to the NGO you are already a member of, so you can distribute them personally to the poor and needy. This way, your belongings would serve their most beautiful and generous purpose of serving humanity and you will feel good! But make sure whatever you choose to donate is of value to them and can be used.

• Prepare inventory, begin packing – Now that was quite a long, extensive sorting and de-cluttering task. We know you will be eagerly waiting for some break if you wrapped all of these in a few days at a stretch without a halt. Now it is your time to design that final inventory list for all that you are willing to move to your new home. Follow a room-by-room process and show that list to the professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers – when their team reaches your place for the packing task!

Sorting is manageable and de-cluttering is attainable if you know the right ways to do it! Though it will take some time, you will feel a lot happier when your load would be lesser and move simpler! We hope the tips shared in this article are beneficial to you!