In a few days from now, you will be leaving your current place, and settling in another city that you know nothing about! How are you feeling? Are you nervous? Excited? What all are you going through? – We know you will deal with a series of emotions during the entire phase, but if you have the experts of Agarwal Packers, you can have a good time home-shifting! Also, this article might be of good help to you because we will be sharing some amazing tips and ideas that can let you plan and proceed with your move seamlessly!

So, keep reading till the end!

• Book slot with professionals – Conducting a move to another city, in a new state is something you cannot do by yourself. Even if you book local movers to assist you in the shifting of your belongings, you cannot have the assurance of the wellbeing of your goods because local movers are not experts. So, drop the idea! Research reliable movers from an authorized moving company but finalize only after you have compared at least a few moving options. Collect quotes, review rates, and terms, clarify over a good discussion with the experts. Make sure to do this thing in advance.

• Finalize a moving budget – Did you take note of the moving cost estimations provided to you by the moving experts? Was it way too much or ideal for you? Have you discussed the additional rates and upfront fees? Will there be any? What about the moving insurance? – all of these questions should be looked upon and then a final moving budget should be created – make sure you incorporate every possible cost – labor cost, moving equipment cost, moving vehicle cost, packing supplies cost, insurance cost, etc. Have a clear picture of the budget in mind so you can track moving expenses during the course.

• Get an apt insurance cover – If you are getting your insurance from your insurance provider, you can do that, or else, you can opt for it from the moving professionals you have hired for your move. Most of the time, during the hectic pre-moving period, one does not find time to figure out the best insurance covers available in the market, in that case, buying it from the hired movers remains a favourable option as it comes with the moving agreement. But, do not miss out to have it because even simple, out-of-state moves are not free of risk.

• Reduce your moving load – Before the professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers reach your place to fulfill the packing task, you must be done with sorting out your belongings properly. This will take a lot of your time and energy but consider this as an indispensable part of your moving preparations. There is a simple logic behind segregating – you need to move only what is worthwhile in your space, and nothing anything useless. The lesser the load, the easier would the move be on your pocket. We often remain clueless about why moves become expensive at the end, but it is often because of our moving load.

• Transfer services in advance – There would be several connections, memberships, and records active at this address, all of these should be cancelled before the moving date knocks doors. Do this at least a week before moving out. Also, take care of the societies and clubs you are a member of and get your name removed from their records. Your mailing address should also be altered and the new one should be added to their directory. From the essential services to the official documents, you should get every record updated with your new residential address and contact information if there is a change in your contact numbers as well.

• Ensure your new home is ready – If your relocation is an outcome of you getting a worthy job offer, or is it because of the new business branch you want to establish in the new city, good for you, but if your new place of stay is still not finalized, and nothing seems secure – as neither your new place in settled nor you have employment – you can run into a serious problem. When you are deciding to leave your old place, you must not step forth if you are not sure where you would land up to. Confirming your new home, and discussing everything with the landowner before the move would resolve all your post-move surprises and shocks as once you have a space for yourself in the new city, everything else will be taken care of gradually, by you, after a while. Also, we would advise you to keep your social channels and employment options open and explore in that direction as much as you can!

• Focus on finest packing – Although all the points we discussed in this article so far are primal and must be taken care of sensibly the most important one is yet to be talked about. That is packing – your packing should be on point and everything in your household should be given ample protection. A few key things to be taken care of during packing are – fragile items should be added with double coats of wrapping paper or bubble wraps and all cartons should be layered with foam sheets and extra gaps should be sealed with packing peanuts.

• Double-check for package labels – Every moving carton should contain detailed name labels and especially the cartons and boxes carrying delicate items and expensive goods should be marked with an “X” so they could be identified easily by the moving experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers as specialty items cartons. This way these special cartons will be dealt with appropriately during lifting, settling, loading, and unloading processes. Before the boxes are transferred into the truck, make sure the boxes have been inspected carefully one last time.

Packing belongings for an out-of-state move might sound like a simple job, but it is not! You have to take care of various other last-minute duties as well, so your relocation happens smoothly. We have shared 8 valuable out-of-state moving tips that are going to help you, for that matter!