For customers across sectors, sustainability has become increasingly essential. And for a good cause. For a good reason. Especially in the clothing sector, which is famous for inefficient and harmful procedures for many clothing manufacturers.

In the following several weeks, we shall examine many manufacturers whose items we printed on for eco-friendly procedures.

Water Reduction

By employing modern, more efficient dyeing equipment, we are saving 24 million gallons a week using seven times less water than the average water used by garment manufacturers.

Every water we consume is filtered through which it may be recycled.

Energy Reduction

We are a green enterprise by and by – taking every chance to decrease our CO2 emissions.

You can discover solar electricity to power our sewing and cutting facilities, LED lighting and lighting movement sensors, and lighting lights all around our office and charging stations to encourage people to become green if you take a brief walk around our headquarters.

By using solar power in plants with more than 450,000 square feet (450 thousand meters) of solar power, Bella Canvas has made efforts to minimize energy use.

In addition, they built skylights to provide some natural illumination to decrease artificial lighting surrounding the office building.

Motion sensor LED illumination is favored in their facilities compared to traditional lighting, making them much less energy efficient.

Platinum WRAP Certified

All these sustainable Bella Canvas efforts have significantly reduced their environmental footprint and cannot be ignored.

WRAP has been certified internationally as a firm with the responsible place of work and environmental standards by Worldwide Accredited Production (WRAP).

WRAP aims to ensure that manufacturing businesses function under safe, lawful, humane, and ethical circumstances.
WRAP is the most extensive independent factory-based certification program.

Virtually Zero Waste

Bella Canvas urges employees to notice even the most minor habits and acts that might lead to severe problems in the world of pollution.

Everything possible is recycled in every single office, including manufacture, plastic, bottles, paper, and more.
The warehouses of Bella Canvas are “paper-free” proudly since they fully digitize the process and reuse damaged textiles for new goods, such as a pillow or dog bed fillings.

They also employ environmentally friendly packaging that inspires customers to reuse shipping boxes and helps to make a difference.

All these products are produced with the same love of clothing and devotion. Bella Canvas is the right choice for you if you want to make a purchase that supports textile companies’ social and environmental responsibilities.