Home Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment in Lahore Kit is considered a revolutionary product in its field. The product has been called the “apple of oral care”. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company launched in 2016 and has had sales of over $100 million.

Josh Elizetxe is the founder and CEO of Snow. The 28-year-old self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur.

At the age of 22, Josh owned a digital marketing agency with 40 employees, responsible for website design, search engine optimization and advertising management. Before founding Snow, Josh sold his profitable agency. Now he has to look back and tell himself: “I did the right thing”.

The story behind the product, Snow

Snow got its start when Josh had jaw surgery Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment in Lahore and had to wear braces several times. He had to buy a range of oral care products from different shops because his doctor told him not to keep his mouth dry.

Josh didn’t like the products and asked himself: ‘Why do these products look ugly and are medical products?'”

That’s when curiosity was piqued. At the time, Josh just wanted to get into dentistry because he saw a gap in the market. Soon he met his dentist and dental friends and asked them how he could get involved in the industry. They advised him to use teeth whitening products.

He then moved into the examination room. He found random strips of teeth whitening products on Amazon. Many people complained about its ineffectiveness and the consequences of using it. So Josh read a bunch of articles to find out how teeth whitening works.

He visited his dentist friend a few times to find out what worked. He tried out the bleaching strips available in his backyard at the time, mixing different chemicals to make them work effectively. When that looked promising, the samples went to a lab for testing, and he worked on them until they were successful and safe to use.

Josh does this all on his own, using Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment in Lahore his own money and input. When his formula started to work, he developed the first prototype and named it Snow.

Why Snow works wonders

Snow is by far the most advanced teeth whitening product on the market. It is the perfect example of technology combined with oral care and cosmetology.

To get people to like Snow, Josh worked hard to make it a brand through his manufacturing, packaging and marketing methods.

Their marketing campaign has worked wonders. Snow’s story really connects with people and they feel part of the journey. Helped people whiten their teeth at home.

People changed their choice to buy a couple of sticky strips and opted for an advanced wireless teeth whitening kit.

This product stood out from the crowd. To date, Snow has over 500,000 satisfied customers and over 10 million visitors to its website.

Josh did a great job taking it to another level

Because Josh had previous marketing experience, he took the next steps along the way.

He got his client to build a product

Initially, when the sales started coming in, Josh knew that customer experience and feedback was everything. He called his customers and asked them how the product worked and if they were happy with it.

Quickly, Josh began making various design iterations to the product and making everything easy for customers to use Snow. This led to fewer returns.

Snow became a product that people loved and trusted.

Josh builds his brand

As CEO, Josh has built his brand Cosmetic Dentistry in Lahore around his product. On Instagram, he currently has over 500,000 followers. His goal is to become second to Elon Musk and Steve Jobs and build a personal brand for his products.