Five Attributes needed to become a Successful Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur has already mastered the art of making a successful business in the market. They know how to grab any opportunities that can give profit to their business. Having a learning mind-set can help to form creative and innovative mind that can help you to achieve your goal. Neil Mitchell is co-founder and an early-stage and Series A investor in Player’s Health, a risk services and insurance firm that protects athletes and sports organizations with a comprehensive insurance and risk management platform. Neil Mitchell Players Health also spent two years as the company’s president of Risk Services & Insurance Solutions and served as an Executive Board member.

Here are five attributes needed to become a Successful Entrepreneur:

Resolute motivation and passion:

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.” – said, J. P. Morgan.

There are so many entrepreneurs in the market but to be successful one need to have a sense of passion in his work. Only your passion can help you to overcome your weaknesses and will motivate you to work hard and achieve your goal. Learning new things and developing new skills can help to be passionate about your goal.

Motivation keeps you active and helps you to keep hope and form better ways to tackle your obstacles.


When you are disciplined towards your work, it will help you to provide an effective and efficient work process. This is one of the essential traits of a successful entrepreneur. To form self-discipline to need to understand your inner-self and also you should acknowledge the emotions that generate a sense of responsibility in you. This trait can influence your employees to show effective work at the workplace.

Risk-taking ability:

A successful entrepreneur knows very well when and where to take a risk. They have the ability to take great risks to get greater success but one thing to understand is that not all risk-takers are successful. Having a mind-sense is also important, they should have proper knowledge about the recent market trends and the latest technologies that can help them understand the value of risk. With their creative and innovative mind set they already form different strategies tackle any bad situation. The risk-taking ability with positive mind-set can be very beneficial for the business.

A clear sense of direction:

In the recent time the market has been changed with the introduction of technologies, they are growing day-by-day, and with that the competition in the businesses has also increased. With continuous focus on becoming better than others businesses, business often forget about their vision, their main goal they just ignore their path of vision. So, this is the job of a leader to ensure that their business and their employees are on the right track and to make sure that their work show effectiveness to succeed in their goal.

Decisive and action oriented:

Decision making is one of the most important traits of a successful entrepreneur. A entrepreneur should have believe in himself and should have know have proper knowledge about their inner sides. They have a creative mind-set and they are very fast in making their decision. If an entrepreneur makes a mistake they will try to recorrect it or they will find new ways to find solutions.