Being generous is very important for improving your leadership qualities. When a leader is actively participating in helping and encouraging their employees this will make the employees feel satisfied and valued at the workplace. One of the examples of being a great leader is Tom Kane Chicago, Managing Director and Private Wealth Manager at Merrill Private Wealth Management is helping many new businesses in their growth and also donating to charities to support those who need help. The Chicago- based company is actively supporting non-profitable organizations for their cause.

Here is why generosity is crucial for being a great leader.

Give people a sense of importance:

“While a fundamental responsibility of business leaders is to create value for shareholders, I think businesses also exist to deliver value to society,” said Kenneth Frazier, executive chairman and former CEO of Merck & Co. an American multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

If you want to become a successful leader then you should know how to be generous. Being generous is the best way for building trust in the workplace. Try to value your employee’s hard work, appreciate them and let them feel important at the workplace. Remind them that their hard work is important for the success of the team and the business.

Give feedback, not criticism:

When you want your employees to work hard and show effective results then first try to value their work. If you as a leader provide regular criticism to your employees, it will push their morale down, they will start doubting their hard work, and also it will decrease their confidence but instead of criticizing them if you provide them feedback on the areas where they need improvement can help them a lot. When you help your employees in understanding their problems and encourage them to develop a new skill to overcome those problems, it will make your employees feel happy in the organization.

Give people visibility:

When you provide visibility to your employees in the organization it will offer them a chance to shine and glow. Encourage your employees to share their views and ideas to provide better results for the company. Include them in your office meeting so that they can also get a chance to show their quality and let them contribute to every project so that your boss and every other member in the company could know about their efforts. When a leader represents their employees to the upper management then it will influence their employees to work hard to provide effective results.

Give anonymously:

Well, the real value of generosity is when you do something for others without their knowledge. Try to search for two or three employees who are showing good performance at the workplace and you can help them in developing some skills and planting a career-enhancing seed on their behalf. Also, you can provide references about their positive work to someone in authority.

Give encouragement:

Well, a good leader is very well aware of their employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and they know how to use their employee’s strengths for getting positive results for the company. But the other best thing a leader does is they can encourage their employees through their work experience and provide them ways to overcome their weaknesses so that they can work hard to provide effective work at the workplace.

Tom Kane Merrill Lynch is also helping new businesses to overcome the problems and provide them better growth for the future. is also helping new businesses to overcome the problems and provide them better growth for the future.