There is nothing like relaxing after a hard day of work and listening to some wonderful tunes just to get the mood. You think there is nothing that can disturb your mindset, except that the internet connection is being lost. Stupid, am I right? Wouldn’t it be nice to continue listening to your favorite tune even if the network is interrupted? Well, you can and you will-by knowing how to convert YouTube videos to mp3, you can easily save your favorite content on your local drive.

Don’t worry-it is an easy process and I will guide you through the whole process. let’s start.

How to convert YouTube to mp3-understand the big picture
So, what is going on with this YouTube video to mp3 conversion? Well, as I said, there are many reasons to save a local copy of your favorite song as a good idea: running out of internet connection, tinfoil hat concept, building a time capsule.

Take your pick. The fact remains that there is nothing better than a good, old local playlist. It’s just shuffling; no internet, no trouble, nothing. You can also burn tunes to CD or DVD to feel the feeling of the late 2000s.

In any case, it takes a few seconds to convert YouTube. Before someone makes a copyright infringement claim to YT, it would be great to keep a copy of the tune stuck in your mind, because, hell, why not?

As you might imagine, the easiest way is to use free online tools. There are thousands of them available; there are many to choose from, but can you tell which is legal and which is fake? That’s why I am here-to show you some great online conversion resources and teach you how to use them. Have fun!