IELTS Vocabulary

IELTS Vocabulary for Indian Students

Vocabulary accounts for 25% of IELTS Writing and Speaking test scores and is also important for IELTS Reading and Listening. Passing the exam, especially in the IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking sections, requires confidence in vocabulary. Here are some best IELTS vocabulary for Indian students you should know for IELTS preparation for study abroad.

From extensive reading to practice exercises and word lists, there are also different ways to learn flexible use of a wide range of IELTS vocabulary in your English skills. Here A Complete Guide to IELTS Vocabulary for Indian Students. Also, other important vocabulary skills will be included in this article.

However, we must practice in the most comfortable way for each of us.

IELTS Vocabulary for Students

How important is vocabulary?

In our daily life, we use words to communicate our ideas and thoughts. Sometimes we do this effortlessly, but it can be difficult at other times due to a lack of knowledge of the appropriate language for a given situation. This is called a vocabulary deficit. If an aspirant does not practice the IELTS test properly. Again, a similar situation occurs. To do better in the IELTS written and oral components of the exam, we also need to expand our IELTS vocabulary list. When you run out of words when talking with the IELTS examiner, you tend to use similar phrases or repeat statements if your vocabulary is insufficient.

Ways to Improve IELTS Vocabulary

It’s not just about learning new words; it is therefore also a question of learning them within the framework of a text. Let’s look at some examples to learn some words. There are different ways to learn the flexible use of a wide range of IELTS vocabulary in your English language skills. Several essential academic words, idiom practice, subject-related words.

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