Maintain your UPS

The SU700US backup unit is APC’s Smart Ups backup box. The SU700US replacement battery we will be installing consists of two (2) gp1272F2 sealed lead-acid batteries. These batteries are 12 volts, 7.2 Ah batteries manufactured by CSB Battery. Which in this case is APC’s OEM replacement batteries for this unit (and many other APC backup units).

First, you need to remove the plastic cover from the unit (where the indicator lights are located). After removing the front panel. You will see a small metal flap attached to the top of the unit with two small screws. Visit also: APC Smart UPS

After removing these screws, you will see. That the rbc5 battery pack is connected to the unit via two wires at both ends of the batteries. The first wire that should always be disconnected first is the red wire. That goes to the positive terminal, then the negative wire to avoid any possibility of sparking. Once these cables are removed, the rbc5 battery pack should simply slide out of the unit.

Once you have your rbc5 replacement battery ready to use. Slide the battery into the unit far enough to connect the positive terminal. Then slide the battery in far enough to connect the negative terminal. Close the metal door with the two screws you removed earlier (hopefully you didn’t lose them). And replace the front plastic panel. You have successfully installed your own su700us replacement batteries!

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