If you’re a warehouse or operations manager Inventory Software for Small Business, you must understand how complicated it can be to manage your inventory. While you need to keep track of each stock item’s units, item numbers, and locations, you also need to ensure that you have enough stock to fulfill your customers’ orders.

Managing all of this manually is not easy and it’s easy to make mistakes

For example, if your stock records don’t accurately reflect stock levels, you run the risk of stock-outs. And inaccurate stock counts can lead to fines and penalties during an audit Inventory Software for Small Business.

Inventory management solutions simplify the process of tracking inventory and eliminate human errors in recording inventory data. In addition, inventory reports generated by the system save the hassle of manual counting during audits.

However, if you are still in doubt about whether investing in an inventory management solution is right for you, you can start with a free inventory management system. This will allow you to evaluate the software’s usefulness before you buy a proven product.

Each system is included in Capterra’s list,

which ranks software solutions based on factors such as ratings, popularity and functionality (see full selection methodology). Price. Of the modules offered by this supplier, the first two are free. Beyond that, you will have to pay for any additional modules.

Odoo’s inventory management module allows users to track delivery orders, delivery requests, return orders, receiving and transfer requests for inventory. The module supports a variety of shipping providers including FedEx, UPS, DHL and local post offices, making it easy to manage shipping transactions Inventory Software for Small Business

It integrates seamlessly with other modules in the ERP ecosystem,

So you don’t have to manually update inventory and financial statements when products are sold.

Odoo offers customer support through portal requests and phone calls.

Free plans. Includes payment management, shopping cart management, barcode scanning, customer management and more.

Paid plans.

Square for Retail is a cloud-based retail management and checkout system that helps businesses manage their online and offline retail operations. Key features include website building, inventory management, order management, checkout and payment management and reporting.

Square’s free package offers inventory management features including stock tracking and counting. The free version also includes low stock alerts that notify users when stock levels fall below a critical order quantity. This helps you to initiate replenishment of stock before a stock out affects normal operations.

Square’s customer support capabilities include phone, email, live chat, social media and a self-help knowledge base.

Free plans. Supports 25 subscriptions for both online and offline purchases

Paid plans. Starting at $49 per agency per month, supporting over 1,500 online and offline subscriptions per month.

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management solution with inventory control, warehouse management, multi-channel sales and order management billing software for small businesses.

The free package also supports integration with e-commerce platforms

Allowing you to manage purchases made through e-commerce platforms. Zoho offers a range of customer support options, including a self-service knowledge base, FAQs, forums, email and telephone support.