shurooqpk is one of the oldest players in the market, a name that promises quality, style and seductive patterns.ready to wear in Pakistan He started his business by introducing bed linen for women, and after receiving great response, he successfully added bed linen and accessories to his wide range of products, achieving quality and satisfaction every time.

Comfortable nights and fresh mornings

When temperatures rise outdoors, it can be hard to keep up with daily tasks. To make things work for you, it’s important that you wake up every morning feeling fresh and happy, which is only possible after a full night’s sleep. That’s why it’s important to update your bedroom with bedding that’s not only trendy, colorful and stylish, but also made from fabrics that are super comfortable. If you’re looking for a bedding collection with wonderful pieces at affordable prices, be surprised by what shurooqpk has to offer you. Here are some of the best bedding designs of 2019 from the brand that will surely make you drool with temptation:

1. The Black Swan

Are you ready to decorate your room with something stunning and extraordinary? Then just pick up this cotton bedding ready to wear in Pakistan from shurooqpk, which comes in a bold black shade with printed purple motifs that make it a great choice for everyday use.

Price list: PKR 1440

2. The Blue Sky

This is a fresh shade of blue, filled with a mix of abstract prints and floral details that work together to liven up your room. This linen is available in a variety of sizes and is also discounted, so visit your nearest shurooqpk store now!

Price description: PKR 1,820

3. Blossom Dig

Summer can easily take all the energy out of you, so grab this floral print bed linen from your favorite brand and add some color to your life.

Price description: PKR 1.820

4. Iris Dig

For ladies with a bold and adventurous personality, this black beauty is definitely a good choice to decorate your room. It is decorated with multi-colored patterns that add just the right amount of sparkle and excitement to summer days and evenings.

Price list: PKR 1820

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5. The Creamy Charm

Created with floral patterns on a light background, this exquisite bedspread is here to make your summer days light and relaxing.

Price: 1: PKR 1.185

6. The Purple Fascination

Inspired by Pakistani cultural art shurooqpk presents a purple and red cotton bedspread with beautiful traditional patterns that will make your room even more beautiful. And of course, at such a low price, you can’t risk missing out.

Price list: PKR 1440

7. Sandstorm

A perfect match for your lightly shaded curtains, this grey printed bed sheet is available in sizes to cover your beds perfectly and give you a good night’s sleep.

Price: 1: PKR 1.348

8. Rose Wood

This maroon cotton sheet with darker red hues is made from the highest quality fabric to ensure comfort and ease for you every time. Not only will it add charm to your room, but it will also ensure that you can stay calm all night long.

Price list: PKR 2.135

9. The Blue and Pink Remix

It’s simple but elegantly composed with shades that scream summer and fun. The linen is big enough to fit perfectly over your double bed, so you can easily have your own in no time.

Price list: PKR 1,185

10. The Orange Fun

When you have kids full of energy, why should their room be dull and boring? Bring that one orange sheet into your child’s room and let them jump with excitement. It’s made from a super-soft material that will keep your kids comfortable all night long. Pakistani Ladies Clothing Brands

Price description: PKR 2.100