Let’s face it. If there is one part of the face where the slightest adjustment can make a big difference, it is the eyes. People look at their eyes first and make decisions based on that. If you have dark circles, puffiness, or bags under your eyes, people may think you are older than you actually are. It can also make you look tired. Fortunately, thanks to advances in skincare science, there are treatments for dark circles that have been clinically proven to work. To learn more, please read on.

Dark Circles puffiness, and puffiness

Dark circles, puffiness, and puffiness occur when the thin, delicate skin around the eyes is damaged by exposure to sunlight and toxins. Poor circulation and weakened capillaries cause red-blue pigment to leak out causing the skin under the eyes to stain, making you look older and tired. The loss of skin color also makes it easier for fluid to accumulate. If drainage is poor, the surrounding tissues will absorb this excess water, causing puffiness and swelling.

Remedies that have been proven effective in reducing puffiness and swelling are exactly what you need to keep your eyes fresh and bright. Scientists have worked hard to create the most effective ingredients that work with the skin’s natural chemistry to achieve healthy improvements.

There are two bioactive compounds that have shown remarkable results in clinical trials on human volunteers. If you want to effectively treat dark circles under your eyes, look for an eye serum that contains these two natural ingredients.

1) Haloxyl™: a miracle substance that stimulates poor circulation, removes accumulated hemoglobin, thickens the skin under the eyes, and prevents fluid leakage. In a study of volunteers, more than 60% said that their dark circles were “significantly reduced” within two months of using Haloxyl™.

2) Eyeliss™ – a patented peptide composed of tiny protein fragments that improve water drainage, strengthens delicate capillaries, reduces irritation and skin sagging, and increases firmness and elasticity.

Partial results of a clinical trial on people who used Eyeliss™ showed that “in just 28 days, 65% of volunteers experienced a significant reduction in bags under the eyes and a 62% reduction in wrinkles around the eyes.

Further improvements were achieved by adding bioactive ingredients such as functional keratin (Cynergy TK™), active manuka honey, natural vitamin E, babassu, brown algae (Homeo Age™), and coenzyme Q10. The powerful nutrients in these naturally occurring extracts stimulate healthy cellular functions, including collagen and elastin production.

I personally use an eye serum that contains all of these wonderful natural substances. I have noticed a rejuvenating effect on the skin around my eyes.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Would you like to see for yourself the clinically proven power of these substances? The Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi will give you an idea. You can find out more about dark circle remedies formulated based on the latest dermatology.