What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment, also known as periodontics Root Canal Treatment in Lahore, is a treatment that is performed when a tooth has decayed to the point of cellulose, causing inflammation. To save a tooth that has been damaged or infected as a result of a fractured or broken tooth, gum disease, deep decay or frequent repeated dental treatment of a particular tooth. It is therefore important that treatment is completed as quickly as possible.

The periodontist performs this procedure and is also known as a root canal specialist. Painless root canal treatment involves Root Canal Treatment in Lahore.

Removal of an infected or inflamed tooth.

Cleaning and disinfecting the infected tooth.

This is followed by a filling, which provides a complete seal with an inert material.

The final step, restoration and crowning of the tooth.

This makes root canal treatment virtually painless, and you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the recovery period. This is all thanks to modern technology and effective anaesthesia; patients can experience painless root canal treatment.

Benefits of root canal therapy

There are countless reasons to undergo painless root canal therapy, as this treatment allows you to preserve your natural teeth, maintain your smile, limit the number of regular dental visits and allow you to continue eating the foods you want. Other benefits include.

Painless treatment

Thanks to modern technology and effective anaesthesia and medication, root canal treatment has become virtually painless. As a result, it often causes less discomfort to the patient than other treatments. It has even been found that patients who have undergone root canal Root Canal Treatment in Lahore describe it as six times less painful than tooth extraction.

Cost-effective and efficient

In general, extraction treatment takes longer than painless root canal treatment because of the need for follow-up visits for dentures, implants or bridges. Even tooth extraction costs are higher. In addition, most dental insurance plans include endodontic treatment.

Visually attractive results

A crown works just as well as your natural tooth or even looks good. Root canal treatment can also improve your smile so you can laugh with confidence. Dental Implants Service in Lahore is therefore the best way to treat tooth decay.