The Dorchester Dormer is one of the most spectacular and luxurious apartments to reside in Dorset, Sky-High Penthouse Living at The Dorchester Collection Dubai brings it all together. It is based on traditional rural hideaway cottages surrounded by spectacular rolling hills that have been lovingly restored to a stately old beauty. It has an unspoilt natural environment combined with modern convenience and comforts that will make you feel like you are in your own garden. You will be looking forward to coming home after a hard day`s work each day.

The living/dining area of your loft will also be spacious and will offer Peninsula Business bay you the luxury of time to enjoy each other`s company. The spacious living area has been designed around a classic English country house style.

With the Dorchester Dormer, you will have the comfort of a home that is just a stones throw away from Dorchester. It is only a couple of minutes away by car, train and bus. You will have easy access to great shopping centers and some of the best nightlife in town. The location makes this home ideal for any young family or couple who wants the life they want when they are away from home.

The loft is open plan and the design comes complete with:

Sky-High Penthouse Kit:

This kit is fully furnished with: dining table, living room table, coffee table, bookcase and wardrobe. Everything you need for: romantic dinners, relaxing evenings and relaxing nights. The beauty of this set is that it offers more living space than is necessary for a small family.

The choices range from traditional to modern and contemporary designs with a lot of storage space for all your possessions. There is no more need to worry about what things you have on your sofa. Collection is fully lined so your sofa items will always be clean and nice looking.

Sky-High Penthouse Baths:

The Sky-High Penthouse Baths are the perfect blend of luxury and practicality. They are located in the living room or in the bedroom. Whatever your taste is, you can find exactly what you need in this luxurious bathroom collection.

Sky-High Penthouse Kitchens:

These Sky-High Penthouse Kitchens are both elegant and functional. You can prepare exquisite meals and impress your guests at the same time. These are large-sized kitchens that are perfect for hosting family or a group of friends. With the stylish open concept design of the kitchens, you can also invite people over for meals and enjoy fine dining while enjoying your own home in the comfort of your own living area.

Sky-High Penthouse Living Room:

The Sky-High Penthouse Living Room has all the elements to transform any ordinary living area into a lavish experience. It is located on the second level of the loft. This can accommodate a huge television set as well as a state-of-the-art kitchen and dinning space. The living area is decorated with exquisite art work by some of the best artists. There are also modern furnitures, plush carpets and comfortable seating to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable.

Sky-High Penthouse Windows: The beautiful sliding glass windows of the Sky-High Penthouse Windows are the main attractions that attract people towards this unique home. You can enjoy natural light from the windows. IT helps to regulate indoor temperature during the summer months. If you love to entertain, you can easily sit outside and enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.

Sky-High Penthouse Apartments have all the facilities to transform your living area. It has an elevator that takes you to all the levels of the building. You can have a tour of the entire property from the reception desk. There are elevators to get to different parts of the loft. You can have a full meal in the penthouse cafeteria if you wish. Each apartment has its own fully equipped kitchen with all the modern appliances.