Southwestern rugs - cleaning tips

Southwestern rugs are a work of art and must be cared for to maintain their beauty. Over time, dust, stains, and dirt accumulate and damage the rug.

Daily Care for Southwestern Rug To maintain the quality of your Navajo rug, vacuum it every other day to remove large dust particles and hard particles that can get stuck in the rug. It is recommended that you thoroughly wash your rugs once a year and send them to a professional cleaning company that specializes in rug cleaning. This will restore the shine and splendor that Southwest rug used to have. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the rug should be steam cleaned or dry cleaned.

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Instead of sending the rug to a professional rug cleaning company, another popular method of cleaning Southwestern rugs is to do it yourself at home. As mentioned earlier, check the label and manufacturer’s recommendations. Next, rent equipment suitable for rug cleaning. If your Navajo rug is made of synthetic fibers, you can use the 2 cleaning methods recommended below. The rug cleaning solution should not contain detergents or soaps to preserve the beautiful rug you cherish so much.

Southwestern Area Rugs Cleaning Methods  

There are several rug cleaning methods to consider.

The first method is the Bonnet rug cleaning method. This is a machine with a pad that rotates as soon as it is turned on. With this method, the dirt is easily absorbed into the pad. The main advantage of this method is the low cost of hiring a cleaning machine.

The next method is dry rug cleaning. In this method, the machine sprinkles a dry absorbent substance on the rug. This agent attracts the dirt and binds it. It is then absorbed by the machine. It is highly recommended to vacuum the rug before using this method to prevent large clumps of dirt from settling. This is to prevent large solids from clogging the cleaning machine.

The advantage of this method is that your rug always stays dry. However, using too much dry absorbent can leave a white powdery residue.

Tiring, but saves money

Although hiring a rug cleaning machine and cleaning an entire section of rug in Southwest is tedious, you will save a lot of money. Always remember to vacuum the rug before cleaning it to remove hard particles from the rug. By cleaning your Southwest rugs every year, you are protecting your family by removing stains and germs that are hiding in the darkness of the rug.

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