A bright smile boosts self-confidence and can improve your relationships at work and in your personal life.Teeth Straightening Service in Lahore But as we age, our natural smile starts to discolor due to lack of oral hygiene, the food we eat or even the medication we take.

For some, investing in teeth whitening can be life-changing,

But often the cost is a deterrent. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of teeth whitening procedures available today at different prices.

You can choose between in-office teeth whitening treatment or at-home teeth whitening treatment, so that the cost of treatment fits within your budget while meeting your oral needs Teeth Straightening Service in Lahore.

Teeth whitening options

There are a number of teeth whitening treatment options available today, and the best option for you will depend on your budget and personal preferences. Although professional teeth whitening in a dental practice is more expensive than buying toothpaste from a pharmacy or supermarket, it is more effective, safer and lasts longer.

When your cosmetic dentist does professional whitening, you’ll see faster results that last longer. Whitening procedures such as Zoom!® whitening can make your teeth six to eight shades whiter in just one hour.

Zoom!® whitening treatment in practice

Before an intensive professional whitening treatment, we recommend that you have your teeth cleaned by a dentist to remove all tartar so that your teeth are as clean as possible.

Zoom!® Whitening uses a whitening process to dissolve tooth discolouration. Before treatment begins, your dentist will prepare you with a cheek swab and cover your lips and gums to protect them from the bleaching agent, which contains 25% hydrogen peroxide. Only by exposing your teeth can your dentist use Zoom!® Hydrogen Peroxide Gel, which works in conjunction with the Zoom!® Advanced Power Chairside Lamp to remove stains and discolouration.

Once the dentist has applied the gel, it stays under the lamp on your teeth for 15 minutes. Over the next 45-60 minutes, your dentist will repeat this step 3 or 4 times, leaving the gel on your teeth for 15 minutes each time. After whitening, your dentist will apply fluoride gel to your teeth to reduce tooth sensitivity Teeth Straightening Service in Lahore

Zoom!® home whitening kits

Professional at-home whitening kits are another solution for fast results at a lower cost. You can also choose to take the kit home after a whitening treatment at the dentist’s office to maintain the colour of your teeth over time.

Dentist’s home whitening kits use special products combined with specially formulated whitening ointments that allow the use of professional strength whitening products. Custom-made trays make it safe to use the stronger gel because it won’t leak out of the mouth or throat. Zoom!® kits for the home are available in DayWhite or NiteWhite so you can choose when to use toothpastes.

With DayWhite you wear the toothpastes for 30 minutes and 90 minutes every day, with NiteWhite you can wear the toothpastes for 2-4 hours at night. The strength of the whitening gel depends on which option you choose.

Zoom!® DayWhite products use hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel in concentrations of 14%, 9.5% and 6%. The less time you want to use a custom toothpaste each day, the higher the percentage of HP gel you should use. Zoom!® NiteWhite products use urea peroxide whitening gel in concentrations of 22%, 16% and 10%.

Hydrogen peroxide and urea peroxide are both effective whitening agents,

But they work differently. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes faster and releases most of the bleaching agents within the first 30 minutes. This faster release makes it an effective choice for short-term daily bleaching.

Carbamide peroxide contains hydrogen peroxide and releases only half of its bleaching agent within the first two hours, but remains active for much longer. This makes urea peroxide a more effective choice for longer periods of time when wearing a tray, ideal for people who want to whiten their teeth during sleep.

Zoom!® at-home products not only give you a brighter smile,

but also protect your enamel and help reduce tooth sensitivity thanks to a combination of fluoride, potassium nitrate and amorphous calcium phosphate.

If you follow your dentist’s instructions for custom toothpaste application, you can see results in as little as two weeks using a professional kit for home use. Other benefits of choosing your dentist’s custom toothpaste instead of bleaching strips range from

Cost of teeth whitening

The cost of teeth whitening varies according to the whitening method chosen. Zoom!® same-day whitening is the most expensive option, but provides immediate results.

Professional at-home teeth whitening products, which usually include enough whitening paste for two weeks, vary in price. But because you do most of the work yourself, they usually cost less than an appointment-based treatment.

If you are having veneers or crowns installed, your dentist may recommend that you professionally bleach them beforehand to ensure that the color of the restoration perfectly matches the color of your teeth.

How to keep your teeth white

Once you’ve spent the time and money to whiten your teeth, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your bright new smile. Part of the process involves reapplying a whitening product every so often to enhance it.

Whitening in a dental office can last from 6 to 36 months, depending on the product you use and how you maintain your teeth. With Zoom!®, you can use the included trays after whitening to maintain color between dental visits.

In the meantime, take good care of your teeth to prevent the discoloration from coming back. This means sticking to your oral hygiene: brushing and flossing twice a day. Supervised oral hygiene prevents tooth decay and is the best protection against tooth decay.

Avoiding or limiting beverages such as coffee,

Tea and red wine will also help to prolong the effects of whitening treatment. All of these beverages contain tannins, which discolor teeth by allowing chromogens to adhere to the enamel, resulting in discoloration. Adding milk to coffee or tea can reduce staining, and brushing after a glass of red wine can also help.

Highly acidic foods will also wear down your enamel, revealing the yellow core of your tooth over time. Citrus fruits and yogurt are two common and highly acidic foods to watch out for. If you eat acidic or sugary foods, brush your teeth immediately afterwards wisdom teeth surgery in Lahore

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whitening procedures both in the office and at home. Cosmetic dentist Scott J.

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