Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore

Early recovery from Psychiatric with Treatment Center in Lahore is a delicate matter. One of the most common factors leading to relapse is what is called “cross addiction. The essence of cross-addition is that people who are addicted to alcohol or other mood altering substances are likely to be addicted to all mood altering substances. 

To truly understand cross addiction, we need to understand the nature of addiction and the nature of mood altering drugs.

Addiction is a disease. It is said to be a primary, chronic, progressive, and relapsing disease. Research in the last decade has shown that Psychiatric is a disease of the brain.

Recognize addiction

People are often reluctant to recognize addiction as a disease because it is the first time they voluntarily use a chemical substance. Even if one initially chooses to use alcohol or other drugs, the changes that occur in the brain over time do not reflect a conscious choice. But feel free to visit the Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore Pakistan for better treatment. 

Addiction alters the neural pathways of the mind. It is believed that these changes distort thoughts and emotions, leading to compulsive drug use despite the obvious negative effects. Thus, the essence of addiction is the compulsive use of drugs in spite of the negative consequences. This observation of “compulsive use despite negative consequences” has become part of the widely accepted definition of addiction. 

Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Lahore

Ghamkol Decent Rehab Centre offers the Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Lahore Pakistan. Brain changes due to addiction occur in all drug addictions as well as in some process addictions (compulsive behavioral addictions such as gambling addiction, compulsive overeating, and sex addiction). 

In addition, various biological, psychological, and social factors are involved in the development, maintenance, and recovery of addiction. In the field of addiction, it has long been said that some people are “programmed” to become addicted by their biological nature (i.e. genetics) and become addicted the first time they use a mood-altering substance.

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The Nature of Drug

The nature of mood-altering and consciousness-altering drugs is that they affect your emotions, thoughts, and actions. They allow you to distort, avoid, or ignore your reality. Any mood or psychotropic drug is interdependent. It is the mood-altering effects of drugs that people become addicted to. The unique pharmacological effects of a drug are selected based on the individual’s needs. If the customer’s needs change, the choice of drug may also change. Also, the effects of drugs on the body may change over time. 

There are often other variables involved in the drug addict’s choice of medication from the Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Lahore. Consciously or unconsciously, other factors such as availability, “social acceptability,” perceived lack of negative effects, and cost may be part of the selection process.