We’ve all been to the local toy superstore, so it’s no wonder the vast majority of children’s toys are mass-produced from brightly colored plastic. No problem with this – it’s cheap and cheerful, lightweight and weather resistant. Having said that, it’s not very special, is it?

If you are buying a toy for your beloved son or grandson, sometimes you just want it a little bit special for me. If you are looking for something a little more special, consider a wood alternative.

Wooden toys come in all shapes and sizes. They range from educational toys to wooden bicycles to dollhouses. But are there more advantages to a wooden toy besides simple aesthetic pleasure? Here are five benefits of choosing a wooden toy.

Durability: Wooden toys tend to be more durable than plastic ones. Plastic toys, such as small chairs, are usually quite flimsy, while wooden ones are much sturdier.
Safety – You are much less likely to find toxic chemicals or materials with wooden toys.
Sanity – Most parents are fully aware of the irritation levels of all battery-operated toys and the hellish noise that goes along with them. A beautiful wooden dollhouse or rocking horse seems like a much softer option!
Environmental benefits: Wooden toys are often made from sustainable wood, so they have minimal environmental impact.
Developmental benefits: Toys made of wood are more likely to inspire imaginative play, as opposed to high-tech toys that are designed to be fun and distracting and generally end up over stimulating.

When it comes to shopping for children, you have a wide variety of different toys that are available for you to choose from. Many of them are modern-day items, and the majority of them tend to be electronic. Everything from larger video games, all the way down to handheld contraptions tend to be more of the rule rather than the exception nowadays, but they are not always going to be the best choice for children. As a matter of fact, different types of toys that are available for children may actually help to spark the imagination, something that these electronic toys do not provide.

One type of wooden toys that you may want to choose are bajo wooden toys, and you would probably be surprised with the number of different options that you have whenever choosing one of these. Although you may have a difficult time finding these on the shelves at most of the regular toy stores, a variety of them can be found in specialty stores and on the Internet. There are wooden toys that are appropriate for almost any age, and with a little bit of imagination on your part, you can generally come up with some ideas that will make a present which will not soon be forgotten.

For younger children, you may be able to find toys that will help them to live in a world of imagination, similar to the type of imagination that we had whenever we were youngsters. Toy soldiers, along with the vast variety of other wooden items can be found on the Internet, and at times, even in your local area. When holding one of these wooden toys in their hands, it suddenly becomes something that necessitates their thinking on their own a little bit. Instead of mindlessly sitting behind a video machine, they are actually able to explore a world that is inside of the mind.

For older children, there are also a variety of different wooden toys that you may find for them as well. For example, there are models that need to be put together, along with some wooden puzzles that can really get the mind working. Although I’ll be the first to admit that these may not be the favorite toy that is going to be enjoyed by these children, I will tell you that it will be something unique for them to play with. Best yet, it will allow them to have a taste of the world that you and I enjoyed whenever we were younger.