At Curvearro our digital marketing company in glasgow specialists have seen wearisome unequivocal SEO audits all through the expansive length, and have run over basic express issues that protests suffer inside various affiliations. Our guide follows the most unimaginable express SEO issues with proposed approaches.

Under records the most everything considered saw express SEO issues:

Case Insensitive Rules in Robots,txt

Progressed and Lowercase URL duplication

HTTP 302 redirecting to HTTPS

Kept up URLs Impacting Internal Linking

Admitted URLs Linking To 404 URLs

Certain Canonical etchings

Presentation page duplication

Versatile and work an area assortment of fights moving

Everything considered IP space

All around Website Duplication

XML sitemap including recorded URLs and sorting out URLs

Arranging site being proposed causing duplication

Inside seek after being recorded

Cutoff focuses causing duplication

Thing URL duplication

Which procedures for a site


Wrong use of Meta Robots NOINDEX

Delicate 404 Pages

1. Case Insensitive Rules in Robots,txt


When undertaking express SEO audits, we dependably find that deny rules in the robots.txt are not obligation food to both progressed and lowercase guidelines.

For example, on online business fights the bushel ways unendingly run off both/holder/and/Basket/, at any rate the lowercase way is joined continually talking in the robots.txt. This prompts that the URLs with/Basket/would despite be indexable and that would cause content duplication, which you should avoid for improved indexation of your page on web search contraptions.

Robots.txt Rules:



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Survey your site and check if there are both progressed and lowercase changes of a way that ought to be hindered. social media marketing can do this using a web crawler, similar to our extra things at DeepCrawl. In case there are the two groupings dynamic on the site, add a second norm in the robots.txt to cook for the raised methodology to organize be obliterated. For example, Disallow:/Basket/*

Expecting you don’t progress toward a web crawler, a page show search can be imperative to check whether both progressed and lowercase understandings are being recorded.

2. Progressed and Lowercase URL duplication


A standard issue we find is the duplication of case concluded URLs being associated with all through a site and Google sees these are two evident URLs. For example:

This may happen due to editors on a blog area adding a short interface with a thing page yet they have made in an uppercase letter instead of lowercase letter.

We have in like way seen this considering inside improvement modules having a bug where striking thing interfaces are associated with through uppercase letters.


We would propose setting up a norm at ace level where all raised URLs redirect to lowercase through a 301 redirect. This will watch the site from any future duplication where both an irrefutable level and lowercase URL are being associated with.

Adding a 301 redirect rule will in like manner join any alliance respect where an external site may relationship with your site staggeringly through an uppercase letter.

3. HTTP 302 redirecting to HTTPS


Affiliations steadily move their page to get HTTPS URLs regardless of they don’t by and large do a 301 redirect rule, and rather execute a 302 redirect, so this on a basic level tells web records that the HTTP mix of a URL has absolutely chance moved rather than for eternity. This can lessen the association respect and generally speaking authority of your site as the HTTP URLs that have gotten backlinks as time goes on will not absolutely dismiss the association worth to the HTTPS structure close if a 301 redirect is set up.


We would propose setting up a norm at master level where all HTTP URLs 301 redirect to the HTTPS structure.

4. Seen URLs Impacting Internal Linking


On different online business locales we have seen things having evident thing URL approaches yet every get-together interfacing with something standard URL to wreck duplication. Notwithstanding, the kept up thing page should be found through clear names and no other inside affiliations.

Additionally the apparent thing page dodges any breadcrumbs which impacts inside partner across the site.

This inside extra ensured framework has on occasions hindered web records from getting the standard URL structure considering overlooking the heading considering the way that the internal affiliations all through the page are passing on limiting signs. This can achieve the non-standard changes of things being recorded which causes URL cannibalisation – at last conflictingly influencing your SEO execution.


To help the standard URLs with being recorded, battles should:

Add the indisputable URLs to the XML sitemap and not the other URL plans

Inside relationship with the standard URL understandings inside site-wide inside interfacing modules, for instance, “respected things”

Add a focal breadcrumb plan to the standard URL page.

5. Seen URLs Linking To 404 URLs


Seen URLs all around reference 404 URLs despite this offers clashing bits of information to look engines. The firm URL is showing a crawler of the kept up URL to story yet the kept up URL clearly as of now doesn’t exist any more.


From the beginning, you should set up if the standard URL should be a 404 or if it should be reestablished. Expecting it is reestablished, the issue is fixed, in spite of if the certain URL should be a 404, you should pick another standard URL or update the demanded to act dependably proposing.

6. Various Canonical etchings


In the HTML code of a page there surprisingly could be two seen etchings found. This can offer conflicting clues to a web searcher and on a key level the boss kept up will be checked and used.