Bookkeeping is indispensable for any business. Bookkeepers are professionals who manage the day to day activity of a business. Not just for knowing the profit but it’s needed to form all future financial decisions. Despite the character and size of the corporate accounting and bookkeeping are invaluable services for efficient business operation.

Bookkeeper provides the small print regarding financial statements which may affect almost everything for a business. Starting right from profit generation, it tells about the sources and application of funds, the components of costs of production and full production capacity of a business. Basing on which you’ll decide the amount of employees to be hired, whether to downsize a business or to expand it. You’ll easily identify if any segment of the business is affected by continuous loss.

Financial statements

Thus there are a hell lot of situations where bookkeepers play an excellent value for the efficient running of the business. As we’ve the pliability to travel on-site and work for other courtiers at peak seasons when it’s demanded, the work cloud even is shifted to an expert hand whenever needed.

This not only serves you specialized services at the time of requirement but also offer you an excellent degree of accuracy and compliance’s.


You may be easier together with your domestic staffs regarding managing books of account as they know your business, the suppliers, the creditors, and even the customer’s well. But there are many instances where you’ll face the difficulty of efficiency, timeliness, negligence, accuracy and even lack of data within the part of in-house employees. So there in case you would like to implement right training, procedures and proven processes to extend their efficiency.

Keeping in-house staff gives you the service of one accountant while outsourcing provide you a far better expert service of a pool of skilled accounting professionals.

We the outsourced bookkeeper is that the best professional bookkeeping services. Our trained accounting professionals have correct knowledge of the processes and procedures to affect your Accounting services for small business and bookkeeping needs with utmost diligence. We assure you a uniform and accurate work supported your customized business requirement.

In bookkeeping accuracy is significant. This will be prioritized by shifting accounting and bookkeeping services to an expert hand who can work virtually for your business. Thus you’ll minimize the below business errors or failures:


Accurate bookkeeping should get on top priority. Kayabooks can work virtually or on-site. Thus through working with a 3rd party company you’ll avoid the aforesaid errors and failures caused by:

Overlook to record a crucial transaction

Maintaining transactions from an past

Not saving the receipts and invoices

Miss to document an expense or transaction

Not keeping schedule backups


Consistency is that the core aspect to be followed within the field of accounting and bookkeeping. Even the auditors also concerned whether the firm following the consistency approach in handling the books of accounts. There are certain situations where professionals handle things as per their understanding and knowledge. There are circumstances where they record the business transaction counting on their judgment in personal like selecting the depreciation method, or the tactic valuing closing stock, etc. If you retain on changing your internal accounting staffs it definitely reflects on the books of accounts and there’s an opportunity of getting wrong profit figure at the top of the amount.

Shifting the task to an expert hand can offer you consistent work for an extended period of your time. Kayabooks may be a one shop stop for your entire requirement. We’ve a talented and qualified team of accountants who can affect all of your customized accounting and bookkeeping requirement. You’ll get consistent work for a protracted period.

Cost-effective Service:

The idea of hiring in-house accounting staff doesn’t just accompany merely an amount of salary but it involves vacation pay, payroll taxes, sick pay, insurance pay, pension pay and other employee benefits. From an entrepreneur point of view, it’s going to not add up to spend that much for keeping a domestic accounting department within the organization.

This can be dealt easily and economically through outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping task to a 3rd party. Further in-house accountants can only offer you bookkeeping services while Kayabooks takes care of both accounting and Bookkeeping services for small business.

Through hiring a foreign bookkeeper or making use of accounting apps can reduce your employment costs needless to say. Nevertheless to look a correct talent for your business requirement you would like to travel through the resumes, conduct the interviews, need to spend on hiring and recruitment processes etc. And for all this, you would like time and money. The method doesn’t end here. Again retention of employee may be a big issue. High turnover rate can affect the productivity of a corporation.

In-house employees still inclined to the normal process of manual entry within the digital age like today. But trust me, Outsourcing Bookkeeping can provide you the foremost advanced infrastructure and latest accounting technology in no additional cost. Apart from cost and accuracy, the opposite most vital aspect is data security. We will be a most secure environment for your business transactions where you won’t get unauthorized data access, information leakage or fraud. Our server stores all of your business data very securely. We follow keeping backup of your work and use firewalls for better data protection.