Why not simply Google it?’ ‘You can discover it on Facebook ads.’, intentionally or unwittingly we as a whole utilize these two assertions in our every day lives for one reason or the other.

Similarly as these two stages have mediated in our standard lives, similarly, they have transformed the methods of showcasing and promoting. Furthermore, when you have two decision organizations accessible as choices, a problem is clear about what’s ideal for your business? Almost certainly about the way that these two stages are frequently considered as the opponents, yet what’s a market without rivalry. Be that as it may, with regards to picking between them, well it ought to be a keen decision.

Advanced Series, being the digital marketing agency in dubai, gives you an assessment on which you can choose what to pick Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Google Advertising, presently known as Google AdWords centers around ‘Paid Search’ and is the biggest stage for PPC (pay per click). It doesn’t mean the most noteworthy offering gets the highest level on the lookout. AdWords’ essential spotlight on the importance and nature of the Ads and substance gave.

Then again, Facebook Ads are known for ‘Paid Social’, as a main stage for promoting through social media. This stage has ended up being rewarding for some organizations who are publicizing carefully.

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Both offer the best approach to tap the ideal market, to arrive at the objective clients however through various methodologies.

Through Google Ads, you can discover new clients, yet through Facebook Ads, new clients discover you by their important advantages, preferences, and public activities.


Remembering what every stage offers your business, you need to dissect your essential necessities on the accompanying premise.

• Which industry you are from and who all are your rivals?

• What are your administrations or your item?

• What is your goal?

• Your possible crowd and your scope.

• in particular, your publicizing Budget.

For a highest level, through google, you need to have significant advertisements in addition to client experience and a major financial plan, since certain watchwords cost most than ordinary on google. As in for examination Facebook promotions are considerably more reasonable and have a rising ROI. It is an excellent choice for private companies that have a restricted market to tap and less assets. In any case, if the objective market is tremendous, there isn’t anything when contrasted with Google.

Advanced Series, the digital marketing company in singapore, accepts that there can never be a fixed response to pick between the two as the two of them center around the two fundamental systems of promoting ‘Paid Search’ and ‘Paid social’. Also, simply by seeing how to utilize the best of every stage, one can get the most extreme advantage and development for one’s business to utilize the best of every stage, one can get the greatest advantage and development for one’s business.