How to change employees to the main generator

We all know and agree that complementary staff who are loyal and dedicated are the source of life from any Digital Marketing Company Stafford. Your different staff members are appointed in different roles – each specialist in their specific field. But can employees cross a cross to become salespeople? Not at all, because sales are not part of anyone’s main performance area which is not appointed in the sales position. Can they support the sales process by bringing sales excellence from LinkedIn and become the main generator? Certainly yes.

Without having to start the main sales training initiative, employees can bring sales to the top and above their current work and without real input from their side. Their involvement will ensure a strong and strong sales pipe. By becoming the main generator and bringing sales excellence from LinkedIn, your employees will ensure the sustainable success of your company (and they). Finally, everyone wins!

How we change our employees to be the main generator

We changed our staff to be the main LinkedIn generator. They provide sales prospects without lifting fingers. Well, it’s clear they work hard, they just don’t work hard on the real generation because everything is automatic.

We all decide on the vertical segment for approach: for example a software company.  LinkedIn Lead Generation Service automatically enters their LinkedIn account, look for the target market they choose, invite new contacts and send personalized contacts contacts. There is no spam email. There is no sale. A soft and soft approach to produce lead.

Each LinkedIn contact is maintained with a series of linkedin messages and emails written outside.

How many LEAD  generated every staff member?

We use 100/30/5 rules. Every week, every employee sends 100 LinkedIn invitations. 30 of them accepted the invitation. 5 of them turned into good quality leads. This lead is given a score using the Main Score, like this:

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5 LinkedIn leads per week per person sounds like a lot. The very high conversion reason is thanks to a charming one-liner approach. This is the core of  LinkedIn’s main generation strategy. This is not about quantity, it’s about quality. The right people involve your content because they talk about their pain instead of your product.

Read the charming one-liner e-book below

Single sales still need to be converted and it’s much easier than cold calls. Sales people develop when they are in front of the right person, so let your employees feed their deal with Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford quality sales leads … without lifting the finger. After your staff becomes a sales prospector on LinkedIn using the main generation services of ¬†LinkedIn, your business gets a very good encouragement.