How to take social media to the next level with your smartphone camera

Smartphone is much larger than cameras and generally, it’s on your side all the time. In addition, the smartphone Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton camera quality is higher than ever and as a result, so is the quality of content on social channels such as Instagram.

And because of this, there is no need to lose photography magical moments in our daily lives. If you are looking to improve your skills and improve your content, you’ve come to the right place. We have some tips to ensure you make the most of your smartphone camera and therefore your social media marketing efforts.

Lighting is key

Photography is all about light, and shot on a smartphone is no exception to this factor clearly. Avoid direct light and grainy, especially when shooting portraits, because it will cause slanting eyes and harsh shadows. The ‘golden hour’ to shoot the sunrise or just after a short time with a soft light before sunset, so if possible, take a photo during that time.

Use symmetry

A good social media feed revolve around the aesthetic considerations, and there is something very satisfying when viewing an image symmetrical. Attention to the pattern, and the horizon line.

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Image Credit: Google Image

Look out for a good reflection

Along with symmetry, reflections are pleasing to the eye and simple to catch. Interesting reflections or shadows can be a subject in itself. Make sure though when you shoot the horizon or something similar, that it is straight. You can edit it in post-production but is much easier if you get it right when taking photos.

Show deep in your photos

Especially when photographing a landscape, it is important to show the depth in a photograph. Watch where you focus your camera and how dramatically light can be changed when changing the focal point. You can drag your finger along the exposure tool when tapping the screen to focus if you want to manually control this.

Choosing a strong subject for shooting

What this will vary from one person to another, but when you shoot something that you are really interested, it will show in your work. When choosing what to photograph, if you want to impact and strong subjects, making something that intrigues you or that you like. You will find it easier to capture the subject if it is something that you, making it easier for images to resonate with the audience.

Look for unique angles and perspectives

You might think everything has been done before but it’s not a question, it’s about the pursuit of photography to find your own style. Find a fresh perspective to try new and different angles, or take a few steps in different directions. Especially with the object or landscape photographed often enough. Before taking a photo, think of a unique way to capture what is in front of you.

Capture close-up details

Take advantage of improving the quality of smartphone cameras. Whether it’s plants, portraits or architecture, up close and personal and highlight detail from your subject.

Use the application to edit and enhance your photos

Once you have captured your image, it’s time to edit and enhance them. Applications such as VSCO (an application is filled with tools and filters) and (many smartphone users swear by it) are large and easy to use. fine adjustment works wonders.

Now that you have these tips, take a camera of your smartphone and explore what’s around you. Remember to look Digital Marketing Company in Southampton for a fresh perspective and shoot what you are!

Keep in mind, however, that while smartphone pictures are great and very relevant for Instagram and Facebook story, they do not rely solely on professional social media accounts.