SEO Report Sample PDF (and Explainer)

SEO report shall describe the overall SEO performance of a particular website. These reports are a perfect driver of new business for marketing agencies because they can provide advance Digital Marketing Companies Stafford value to prospective clients. The SEO reports can also be used repeatedly (monthly is the most common frequency) to show an increase in overtime SEO performance for clients or your boss. In addition, these reports can highlight problems that need to be improved SEO to help improve organic  performance.

In this guide we include SEO sample PDF report which you can download below and use to help build your own reports.

Download SEO Report PDF

What should SEO report contain?

We recommend your SEO report contains the following eight sections:

SEO report section

Results Executive Summary: If the recipient only read one page of the report – this is it. Keep it to one page and make sure you highlight that you’ve made recommendations on how to improve – this will motivate the recipient to continue reading!

SEO: focusing on factors such as on-page SEO meta tags, page structure, the use of keywords, backlinks and more

Purpose: outlines compatibility for mobile and tablet devices

Performance: focus on speed and load time of the website include rich media content and scripts

Social: social media channel lines that connect to web sites and their performance from the perspective of SEO

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Security: focusing on the security features of the site and if there are vulnerabilities

Technology: a list of all 3rd-party technologies that are used on the site

Recommendation: This is an important part where you make recommendations for improving SEO performance based on the findings above

Results Executive Summary

The purpose of the first page is to give the recipient of the topline results on one page. This can be challenging because SEO is complex and there are a lot of inputs and variables. However, stakeholders typically want summarized insight into why it is important to use methods of summarization in order to quickly deliver results.

Business summary plan

We recommend the traditional scorecard that the value of a website on a scale from A + to F-. This level system is famous throughout the world and anyone can quickly grasp that A is really excellent and F is really bad. You will need to individually grade the performance of any part of the report: SEO, Usability, Performance, Social and Security (no class Technology – this is just a list). Then apply to the site overall gradation.

The advantage of summarizing performance into a single class is the next course of action implied. In the above example, if a website overall grade of A-, the next logical action is to make some improvements to SEO to achieve grade A and then tweak more to achieve an A + grade. This kind of development does not need explanation that inherently implied and you can focus on what the client or your boss needs to be done in order to improve their class (and why they should hire you / keep working with you!).

Another subtle advantage of the system with high levels of mental scorecard transporting a client or your boss back to school and throw you as a teacher / educator. Of course this is the unspoken but it Can add weight to the recommendation and help increase the need to improve performance. After all, there is no site owners will be satisfied with the “failure” of the site.


This section is broken down into five components that make up the “on-page SEO”. You will need to look at the page source and analyze each of the following:

Header: check the length of the characters Title and Meta Description tags to make sure they are in the recommended character length of 10-70 characters a 70-320 characters each

Body: check there is a good use of header Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford tags and proper distribution of H1, H2, H3 etc. Check keyword and  and frequency distribution in all HTML tags.